Intel’s New AI Framework

Last month, the White House issued an executive order laying out how the U.S. would maintain American leadership in AI. Putting aside the fact that the order assumed, perhaps inaccurately, that the U.S. is the world’s AI leader, it was criticized for being long on blather and short on meat (what a surprise). Still, the executive order has served as a catalyst, which has now led Intel to put forth a set of AI recommendations that reflects serious thought over how to develop AI technologies safely and effectively. Of course, Intel isn’t in the basket-weaving business, and its recommendation should be viewed within the context of its own interests. But at least it’s something. And while the tragic and unfolding case surrounding the Boeing 737 Max jet reveals the downside of handing over too much regulatory power to those being regulated, we are heartened to see growing momentum for a serious conversation on AI regulation.