Big Bank Take Lil' Bank

That’s the refrain of YG’s 2018 hit song, “Big Bank,” which features 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj. Along the way, the song also makes a salient point apropos of today’s college admissions reality: People with big money win out over those with little money.

Of course, we’re referencing the machinations of admissions fixer William “Rick” Singer, who has helped smear heaps of crème brûlée onto the shamed faces of several “prominent” institutions and 750 individuals. But the greater horror is that universities have been shamefully using their venerable status to create legal side-door sludge-hustles that provide less deserving but wealthier applicants with ways to hack their way in.

So while the fountains of cash, jewelry, cars, and Nicki’s bizarre pink horse, make for a vulgar display of wealth in the “Big Bank” video, they pale in contrast to the “tasteful” displays of buildings and athletic centers donated by those with real bank. Today, with U.S. student debt levels soaring above the GDP of Spain, it’s high time to take some attention away from the well intentioned school debt refinancing start-ups that view the cost of education as a financing problem. It’s not. The principle problem is the principal problem. And if this core issue continues to go unaddressed, colleges will keep crowding out other pillars of America’s economy — and in the long run, our nation will graduate fewer individuals who will ever have a shot at obtaining their own big bank.