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A Comprehensive Financial Services & Fintech Events Platform

Deciding where to invest your time and money is too important to leave it to your best guess, a colleague’s opinion, or a repeat of whatever you did last year.

Event Analyzer Revolutionizes Your Event Research & Decision Process

The Destination for Intelligence on 250+ Events

  • Better evaluate ROI — Analyze your potential investment and estimated costs upfront

  • Track your competitors — Monitor where your peers are investing their time and budget, as well as where you’ll have opportunities to stand out because of their absence

  • Mitigate the unexpected — Track how events change in terms of speakers, sponsors, and agenda so you can respond accordingly

  • Protect your time — Lesson the front-end research burden and avoid that “what a waste of my time” feeling on-site

INDUSTRIES COVERED: Artificial Intelligence | Alternative Data | Banking | Blockchain | Capital Markets | Crypotcurrency | Finance/Economics | Fintech | Insurance | Lending | Payments | Real Estate | Regulation & Compliance | Technology | Wealth Management

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

+ Fintech and financial services is broad. What industries does Event Analyzer cover?

Broad might even be an understatement considering the ongoing expansion.

When we say Event Analyzer contains data on 250+ fintech and financial services conferences, we’re referring to events that span the following industries:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Alternative data
  • Banking
  • Blockchain
  • Capital markets
  • Crypotcurrency
  • Finance/economics
  • Fintech
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Payments
  • Real estate
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Technology
  • Wealth management

+ How do you decide which events go into Event Analyzer?

We vet events to ensure we include the predominant trade shows and conferences within our industries of focus in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

+ Event Analyzer is chock-full of valuable intelligence for my company. How do you collect and ensure the accuracy of data?

Aw, shucks. We're stoked to receive feedback like this!

Our research process leverages technology, online research, and real people to gather data that’s in the public domain. We update this information on an ongoing basis.

Data quality is at the forefront of our mind. Yet, despite our best efforts, there are times when we may not be able to gather every piece of relevant insight for a particular event.

Please reach out by email if you have any questions about the data you're seeing, or if you would like to add a conference to our database.

+ I understand you're committed to inputting accurate data, but I think I noticed a mistake. Will you fix it?

Yes, we absolutely want to hear from you! Please contact us by email to share what you’ve noticed, and we will look into it promptly.

+ How do you know so much about what my company — and my competitors — are doing?

It’s magic, and you should pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Nah, no secrets here. Our data is publicly sourced using technology, online research, and real people.

+ Can I request that you remove information about my company from Event Analyzer?

Since data in our platform is publicly sourced, our policy is that we don’t remove information. However, we’re committed to ensuring our data is accurate. Send us a note if you think a correction is needed and we’ll update as appropriate.

+ Can I upload my own event information in Event Analyzer?

We love go-getters! But, Event Analyzer currently isn’t set up for information uploads.

That said, we’d love for you to contact us so we can discuss how you think Event Analyzer could be updated or improved with your data.

Purchasing & Changing Your License

+ Event Analyzer is rad! How do I purchase a license or change my level of access?

Fantastic news!

New users can dip their toes in the water with a free seven-day trial of our Basic license – or jump in with both feet and purchase a Flexible monthly or Premium annual license.

Current users can upgrade their access by logging into Event Analyzer and visiting My Profile.

+ How do I decide which license is best for me?

Our Premium license offers the most robust functionality. Users who purchase this level of access tell us they were motivated by at least one of these reasons:

  • Business interests that span as many as five fintech and financial services industries
  • Research needs that span multiple teams in the company, requiring access to as much data as possible across the widest possible range of conferences, timelines, and geographic locations
  • Desire for strategic intelligence about as many peer companies as possible – helping their company see where peers are investing time and budget, or where there’s opportunities to standout because competitors are absent
  • Preference for one-time/year billing
  • Inability to pass up a good deal (you save nearly $600/year when you pay annually rather than monthly)
  • FOMO that comes from not having the most robust access possible

However, our Flexible license may be sufficient for users with:

  • Business interests that span fewer fintech and financial services industries (up to three)
  • Interest in peer companies that’s more focused, just three or fewer competitors
  • Desire for flexibility in evaluating upcoming conferences as event budget is made available
  • Preference for month-to-month billing

If none of the above applies to you, then a Basic license may be the way to go. These users can:

  • Preview the conference landscape in one fintech or financial services industry
  • Review conference data and build a custom list of events of interest
  • Stay flexible with month-to-month billing

+ How will you use my personal information, and is it secure?

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for details.

Using Event Analyzer

+ The ability to track my competitors sounds like valuable intelligence. How do I access this functionality?

When you log into Event Analyzer, the “Compare Peers” section gives you the ability to select companies of interest to view their conference participation, including sponsorship or exhibitor level, as well as speaking engagements. You can gain strategic intelligence by monitoring where your peers are investing their time and budget, plus you can identify where you'll have opportunities to stand out because your competitors are absent.

Since this intelligence is so valuable, it’s reserved for users with a Flexible or Premium license. If you are previewing Event Analyzer with the free seven-day trial, or if you have the Basic license, you won’t be able to access this functionality until you upgrade.

+ How can I save an event I’m interested in so I can quickly reference it again next time I log in?

Facebook has its iconic thumbs up. Twitter mainstreamed the visual for a retweet. And Event Analyzer has (drum roll, please) … stars! OK, so we're not the first to use this iconography, but it gets the job done.

Simply click the star associated with the event of interest to you, the icon turns blue, and the event is automatically added to “My Events."

+ Some of my colleagues would benefit from this data. How can I download reports to share?

Only Premium users can export a variety of reports, such as:

  • Peer participation comparisons
  • Upcoming event lists
  • Conferences saved to "My Events"
  • Price comparisons

Look for the download icon beneath the “Account” link near the top-right of the Event Analyzer interface.

As a reminder, seven-day free trial users won’t be able to access this functionality until you upgrade.

Of course, another option is for you to encourage your colleagues to create their own Event Analyzer accounts. (For what it’s worth, we think sharing information about Event Analyzer is almost guaranteed to make you look super-smart among your teammates.)

+ My competitors aren’t in Event Analyzer. What gives?

Looks like you’ve found some white space for your company!

Our research efforts capture data about any company that’s sponsoring any event covered in Event Analyzer. This means if your competitor isn’t participating in a particular conference, they won’t show up within that event. And if they aren’t participating in any of the events in our platform, you likely won’t find them in Event Analyzer at all.

+ I don't see any conferences in a particular state (or country). How come?

Event Analyzer tracks conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. For events within the U.S., we will only display states that are locations for events in our database. In other words, if a state doesn't display, it's because there currently aren't any events in that state.

Account Maintenance

+ When will my credit card be charged?

We require credit card information to create an account.

If you select the Basic license, your card will not be charged during the seven-day free trial. You will automatically be charged monthly when the trial expires, unless you cancel the auto-renew on your license before the trial period ends.

For Flexible and Premium users, your credit card will be charged automatically each month or year, respectively, unless you cancel the auto-renew on your license.

+ How do I modify my industry preferences?

It’s easy peasy. Log into Event Analyzer and visit My Profile.

+ How do I update my email address or password?

You can update your information by logging into your Event Analyzer account, visiting My Profile, and selecting the "Profile" tab.

+ I forgot my password or the email address I use to log in. Now what?

If you forget your password, visit the login page and select “I forgot my password.”

If that doesn’t do the trick, or if you can’t recall the email address used to log into your account, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help you out.

+ I need to cancel my account. How do I do it?

We hate goodbyes. If there’s anything we can do to make Event Analyzer more useful to you, please give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, if you're sure you're ready to break our heart and cancel, either:

Other Questions & Feedback

+ Do you offer partnership or advertising opportunities within Event Analyzer?

We’d love to discuss with you. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.

+ I have ideas for how you could improve Event Analyzer. Do you want my feedback?

Absolutely! We truly want to continuously improve Event Analyzer so that you derive value from our platform. Please send us your feedback by email.

+ My question wasn’t answered here. How can I get assistance?

Please drop us a note. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.