PolicyGenius’ road to traction.

“We’d walk into meetings with VCs and receive a huge number of blank stares from investors who said, ‘I don’t get insurance. I don’t get what you guys are doing. It feels like this probably exists already.’” That was the rough reception delivered four years ago to ex-McKinsey consultant Jennifer Fitzgerald as she pitched her company to a skeptical crowd that hadn’t yet gotten the memo on reimagining insurance. Today, Fitzgerald doesn’t get shown the door so abruptly by investors or major insurance incumbents, now that PolicyGenius has become a significant force in introducing life and other types of insurance to consumers eager to comparison shop. However, the “Kayak for insurance” metaphor that is sometimes attributed to PolicyGenius isn’t welcomed by Fitzgerald. That’s because shopping for insurance can be a complicated process with no hard and fast rules. To help, Fitzgerald, co-founder Francois de Lame and the PolicyGenius team have expended a fair bit of blood, sweat and the capital they subsequently raised in making that selection process as smooth, thorough and confidence-inspiring as possible. Recently, The FR’s Gregg Schoenberg met with Fitzgerald to discuss the company’s journey thus far and to find out what’s next for the rising insurtech start-up.

This article was published as part of Weekly Briefing No. 93