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Imagine what would happen if you unexpectedly met your maker. If your online habits are typical, your loved ones would have to identify a myriad of accounts, insurance policies, wills and other important records that only you know how and where to access in their entirety. The added angst of searching for records could be substantial at the very time when your loved ones would want to grieve. That’s why we’re highlighting Everplans, a New York start-up that has built a fully encrypted, cloud-based solution on AWS to archive all the important stuff people need to include in life and legacy planning. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs Abby Schneiderman and Adam Seifer, the company distributes its solution directly to consumers and through financial advisors, wealth managers, life insurance providers and employers. The latter approach has resonated with many leading advisors and financial services firms who value the opportunity to better serve their clients and enhance their dialogue with their clients’ heirs. Everplans has also formed a number of key relationships in the industry, including its recently announced strategic partnership with SEI. Completing the company’s offering is a trove of free resources on the site, including checklists for estate planning, advance directive forms and organ donation registries. “Everplans solves for the single most important part of life and family planning that people often overlook,” said Schneiderman. “This is why we have developed a platform that individuals and financial professionals alike can use to ease a tedious but important process.”