Insurtech Provides Help for Hurricane Dorian

Major weather events such as hurricanes are also major events for insurers and their customers. Technology can help out with that. 

Post-disaster, insurance companies need to process millions, or even billions, of dollars in claims. And those affected have to deal with massive cleanups or even rebuilding, while also navigating the claims process with their insurance companies. 

Hurricane Dorian, which ravaged the Caribbean and parts of the Southeastern U.S, has left many reeling. When it comes to getting reimbursed for damage, most insurance apps have functions to streamline the process, such as uploading photos or filling out e-forms. And some health insurance providers offer services such as free virtual care visits and the ability to access providers from a mobile device. 

These may seem like small things, but in the midst of such devastation, any burden that can be lifted for those affected is most definitely welcome.