The Robot Real Estate Broker

Technology over the last decade has automated many areas that used to require a human agent. Think robo-advisors or automated small loan platforms, just to name a couple of examples. Well, AI and algorithms are now casting their eye towards the real estate industry, and specifically the rental broker.

A new Bay Area tech start-up called Keyo says its AI technology can help landlords better determine the risk of a tenant defaulting, as well as find qualified tenants more quickly and cheaply than a traditional human broker.

According to The Real Deal, the start-up’s investors include Village Global — which is backed by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, and Michael Bloomberg. And former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Bebo founder Michael Birch are also direct investors.

From fintech to insurtech to wealthtech to regtech, we’ve seen innovation drastically change how services are delivered in many industries. We believe real estate is the next sector that will see a wave of tech disruption and changes.