Welcome to Spark

There are certain places that you shouldn’t go to on the web. An example: At the end of an interesting article, your eyes gaze southward to a catchy headline such as, “You won’t believe what this former childhood star of The Sopranos looks like today!!!” The link takes you to the equivalent of Times Square on the web, festooned with glaring banner ads and a flashing red arrow. Yikes.

Who doesn’t want to believe that aping someone else’s eccentricity might help you to attain glory on the career battlefield? Our perspective is that much of this advice is as useful as viewing a slideshow of former child TV stars who have put on weight. Besides, even if a start-up CEO built a unicorn on the back of a particular habit, there’s little likelihood that it will work for you. Hacks like that don’t scale.

Rather than just complain about the state of career content, though, we decided to do something about it, at least within our corner of the financial services world. We’ve christened a new section of our site, “Spark,” and will be regularly contributing homegrown insights, third party content and perspectives from our readership.

If you’d like to contribute, here are the easy guidelines to follow:

1) Keep your contribution to 400 words or less;
2) No long lists; and
3) Be genuine.

We don’t expect that our content will magically transform your career from good to great. But, if you’re on that path already, or if you’re looking for a catalyst to kick you into action, perhaps all you need is a spark.

We’ll do our best to help. In the meantime, just say no to career clickbait.

To contact us, please email us here.