Fintech solutions to address "crypto-cowboys" and cybertheft.

 Cryptocurrency hacker

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency world has had its fair share of problems. This week alone, the former CEO of GAW Miners, a now defunct cryptocurrency mining company, plead guilty to wire fraud, while ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, called the ICO craze a “ticking time bomb.” And with CoinDash’s ICO party being crashed by a hack attack that cost the platform $7 million and various wallet services getting their pockets picked, you might agree that the industry is crying out for a cure to its myriad of issues before it’s too late. It would therefore seem that alternative solutions like Exante are coming at the right time. Because when the ICO implosion occurs (and it will), having experienced entities in place that can address the “cowboy factor” issues will be important to restoring credibility for token sales.