OCC chief calls time-out.


Imagine a 1920s football game where the players wore sweaters and leather helmets during play. Then think of the best referee during that era and time-warp him to New Orleans for this Sunday’s game between Tom Brady’s Patriots and Drew Brees’ Packers. Would the ref do a good job? Of course not. But as everyone knows, financial regulators (i.e., the refs) must often confront modern-day issues brought about by digital technologies with antiquated thinking. The result is often bad rulemaking, pleas for new legal frameworks or more resources to determine what to do. That’s how we interpret OCC chief Keith Noreika’s recent admission that his agency needs to catch its breath before granting any OCC fintech charters.  His problem: he’s feeling the pass rush by state regulators eager to sack (i.e., sue) in a bid to protect their turf.