Want to launch a decentralized Alpaca farm? Act now!


Ever dreamed of leaving the rat race in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta or London? Do you hanker to work with your hands but still earn a great living? If yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day. As readers of The FR, you now have exclusive one-time access to start your very own Alpaca farm franchise with no money down. You heard that right, no money down. But it gets better. That’s because the world’s apparel industry is pounding the table for the kind of durable but lightweight fleece produced by the world’s most gentle, furry animals. And thanks to our new token protocol developed by The FR’s Labs division, you may be able to cash out a substantial portion of your upside once your white paper (which we’ll write for you) is released. To learn more, check out the handy guide that’s been put together by our Alpaca ICO partner, Shady Valley Fleece Farms.