A New Financial Revolution Has Begun

The first one started in the late 1600s, when England adopted a set of financing techniques that had been developed in the Netherlands. These innovations, which included the advent of bonds, stocks and checks, came to embody a financial revolution that paved the way for England’s global ascendancy over the next 100 years.

Today, thanks to the exponential rate of technological change, macroeconomic forces and new realities ushered in by the Great Financial Crisis, a new financial revolution is underway. In its wake, every aspect of financial services  — asset management, commercial banking, investment banking, wealth management and trading  — is being questioned, reinvented or challenged.

We want to arm you with insights for not just surviving but thriving in the new era. Through our regular newsletters, blogs and web content, we will help you to make sense of the innovations reshaping the financial landscape and provide some actionable insights to move your firm and your career forward. Join us today, because what we are witnessing isn’t some kind of garden-variety industry disruption. It’s a revolution.


The Financial Revolutionist





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Gregg Schoenberg advises companies and institutional investors on strategic and investment issues related to financial services innovation. He also has a special interest in connecting established financial firms with fintech start-ups to create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Gregg’s Wall Street career included capital markets, equity and investment banking roles at SG Cowen (now Cowen Group) and Natixis North America. At Natixis, he ran the bank’s equity division and served on the group’s executive committee. In Washington, Gregg worked as an aide to Senator Bill Bradley and in the government affairs department of ARCO (now British Petroleum).

Gregg Schoenberg received his B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis and his MBA from Cornell University.

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Robert H. Jaeger provides high-level consulting and advisory services to assist C-level management teams with product strategy and development, operational strategy, business development and technology enhancements.   He currently advises several early-stage Fintech companies.

Previously, Rob was a Managing Director at Markit, where he led the equity division. He joined Markit after a successful exit (via IP sale) of ETF Consulting Group, which he founded after working as a proprietary trader at Goldman Sachs and portfolio manager at WG Trading Company.

Rob received his B.A. in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.   

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